The Waffle Man is the main character in The Waffle Man plays.


The Waffle Man (play)Edit

In the beginning of the play, The Waffle Man recieved a call from the Donut Man, asking for a Waffle. Soon after, The Waffle Man began baking a Waffle with his Oven - however, the Waffle was taken out of the Oven in the form of a Waffle rock. Therefore, The Waffle Man made a call to 911 via The Reviver.

Once The Reviver arrived, The Reviver transformed the Waffle Rock back into a Waffle. In exchange for his deed, The Waffle Man gave him his Oven and forty dollars.

Afterwards, The Waffle Man took the Waffle over to the Donut Man's house. The Donut Man paid The Waffle Man with The Waffle Man's own Oven, in which the Donut Man mysteriously found on his own doorstep. The Waffle Man walked out of the Donut Man's house singing the Waffle Man theme song. However, The Reviver appeared and threw a Ninja Star at The Waffle Man's neck. The Donut Man, the Oven and the Waffle approached, and The Waffle Man made his final will by making the Waffle for the Donut Man into the New Waffle Man! Sadly, seconds later, The Waffle Man died.


The Waffle Man is the supposed nemesis of The Reviver. The reason as to why might be revealed.

The Waffle Man's tone is very obnoxious. "He is meant to sound like he has a 'very stuffed nose'", said Scott, The Waffle Man's actor.


* The Waffle Man's tone is based off of Adam Sandler.

  • Scott (The Waffle Man's actor) was actually the one that came up with the idea of The Waffle Man's death, thinking that it would build up/complete the success of the play.