The Waffle Man is the title of the first Waffle Man play.


The Waffle Man play starts out with The Waffle Man receiving a call from the Donut Man. The Donut Man orders a Waffle. The Waffle Man has an argument with his Oven until finally he puts the batter in. Once the Waffle was apparently finished, The Waffle Man took it out only to discover that it was a Waffle rock. The Waffle Man calls over The Reviver, a mysterious Grim Reaper-like character. The Reviver fixes the Waffle and demands The Waffle Man’s Oven and forty dollars. After paying back The Reviver, The Waffle Man comes to Donut Man’s house to deliver the Waffle – only to be paid with his very Oven. As he walked back to the Waffle Warehouse, The Waffle Man sang the theme song of the play. However, he was assassinated by The Reviver with a his ninja star Ninja Nex. The Donut Man and his Waffle approached, and The Waffle Man made the Waffle into the new Waffle Man.

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The Waffle Man II: Rise of the Butterboy