The Waffle Man II: Rise of the Butterboy is the second Waffle Man play. It was created due to the miraculous 100% grade for the first play.


  • NOTE: The Waffle Man is referred to as the new Waffle Man.

The Rise of the Butterboy play starts out with The Waffle Man receiving a call from Barack Obama, who asks for a butter waffle. The Waffle Man attempts doing so – yet he accidently uses too much butter and creates an entity known as the Butterboy. The Butterboy and The Waffle Man battle until the Butterboy flees, teaming up with The Reviver to destroy New York City while on top of the Empire State Building. The Waffle Man arrives at the Empire State Building and battles the two villains using his jetpack. In the end, The Waffle Man causes The Reviver to retreat in his plane and The Waffle Man melts the Butterboy in the Oven. The Waffle Man creates a new Waffle to give to the president, and he achieves his goal.