The Waffle Man III: Waffopalypse is the third and originally the final play in The Waffle Man Play Series.


The Waffopalypse play starts out with The new Waffle Man attempts creating a giant Waffle – but he fails, and a tremor from the shaking oven is caused. Therefore, an earthquake rattles New York City. The new Waffle Man, the Oven and various minor kitchen materials escape – alongside the Donut Man – to the JFK Airport, in which they escape on a plane with pilot Jon Marcos. While on the plane, The original Waffle Man appears, stating that he was brought back to life by the Waffle Lord. Hours later, the group arrives at the Allegheny Mountains in Ohio. The original Waffle Man creates a Waffle submarine to escape an approaching tidal wave. However, The Reviver attacks the group. Rapper Mickey Johnson makes a random appearance as well. During the chaos, The Reviver is killed by gears in the engine room. Shortly afterwards, the tidal wave impacts the ship. The new Waffle Man rejects his powers to the Earth’s core to stop the disasters from occurring, so he became a Waffle again. In New York City, The Waffle Man made the Waffle into the Waffle Apprentice, and they begin to help rebuild the city.