The Waffle Man Storyline is - as of now - a story/play/comic serial consisting of three trilogies (as of now).

The idea of the first Waffle Man project was put into motion in November 2010 for a school project, as the play's script was written. The play was presented on January 6th, 2011. The play was the only one in the class graded as a 100%.

Not long after finishing the play, a sequel was planned - titled "Rise of the Butterboy". While planning was in progress, another sequel - titled "Waffopalypse" - was confirmed. The scripts for both were made simultaneously. The series was dubbed to have ended there, with the climax being with The Reviver having been killed and the new Waffle Man giving up his powers in order to save the Earth. These three plays also concluded the first trilogy.

At around February 2011, the creator of the series planned to have a bigger and better final battle. Therefore, he confirmed two more plays - "Return of The Reviver" and "The Final Batter". The Final Batter's script was created immediatly, while the Return of The Reviver's script wasn't written right away. It was than confirmed a second time that the series would end there.

In late February/Early March, a comic series was planned for the series. The first comic was scheduled to be publised to the school newspaper, "The Shoutout". A draft was drawn and planned to be the final - but the publisher of the newspaper denied it. It was written again, and yet denied again. Nearly giving up, the creator of the series left the comic for the dust. The creator continued working on a new one with extra advice. Luckily, nearly a month later after the newspaper's third issue was released, the comic was finished, excluding the coloring. The publisher of the newspaper accepted it, and stated that all that was left was coloring. The comic was colored, and in early-May, it was officially confirmed to be published into the paper in June 2011!

In mid-May, months after concluding the series for a second time, the creator of the series announced that he planned to finish the series' second trilogy and actually begin onto a third trilogy. To conclude the second, a sixth play was introduced, titled "Exodus". In the third trilogy, the creator announced that there would be a new setting - "Chicago", Illinois. There would be a new "food theme" for the film, and that that would be "Meat".

To be Continued