"Prepare to be battered by butter!"


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The Waffle Man OriginEdit

The Waffle Man Wiki is a Wikia website about an interesting small school play that was a very big success (for the whole class and the music teacher). Upon this, The Waffle Man became a bigger and bigger obsession. At one point, User:The Waffle Man (truly User:Starscream7) managed to create a script for both the 2nd and 3rd films, as well as Teaser Posters. Before long, The Waffle Man play began to spread very quickly.

Recently, User:The Waffle Man asked his friend if he wants an account here under the name of his character he played in the mini-play. he has been accepted.( i the reviver edited it to say that i have accepted >:) .

NOTE: To prevent revealing personal identities, the actor's first name is the only name shown in an article (Ex: The Waffle Man = Scott)

GREAT NEWS! It has been confirmed by The Waffle Man himself that he has recently written the scripts for the 2nd and 3rd The Waffle Man plays! The titles are The Waffle Man II: Rise of the Butterboy and The Waffle Man III: Waffopalypse! There's a list of pages we need to create below if you're looking to be busy:

Current CharactersEdit

The Waffle Man, Donut Man, New Waffle Man, Oven, Jon Marcos, Mickey Johnson, Waffle Lord, The Reviver, Butterboy, Baconater, Donut Demon, Cheese Man, French Toast Massacre and The Batter Basher